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The "Gambit"

"When I met Gov. Edwards, he asked me, 'Son, what do you think New Orleans needs?' I said we needed a deepwater marina, and he said, 'Well then, why don't you build us one?'" Schenck says.

The Light House Bar

The airy restaurant sits in a wooden building elevated on stilts, and a wraparound bar overlooks a large deck that's open for dining. There's a stage in the back corner that hosts bands five nights a week, and a swimming pool with a built-in waterfall and hot tub overlooks the marina.

"Fox News"

Float in style:  10 Awesome Houseboats for rent!!!

"NOLA Weekend"

Once you enter the gates, you feel like you’ve been transported to a Florida marina.  It’s kind of like when Charlie entered the chocolate factory or when Dorothy walked through the gates of Oz. It’s not too impressive on the outside but amazing on the inside.

"Bayou Brief"

Tiny Houses Could Become a Big Presence in New OrleansWhen it comes to houses, is bigger always better?  According to proponents of the tiny house movement In Louisiana, the answer might just be no.

"Fortune 100"

Founded in the 9th Ward of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, Pontchartrain Landing Marina and RV Park is perfect for RV travelers visiting the city. The gated Marina Resort features a restaurant, bar, vacation rental villas, and RV sites.